Amazon Salary Negotiation Whizz

Get the skills and confidence you need to negotiate your Amazon job offer for the perfect salary, bonus, benefits, and equity. Designed by Ex-Amazon Senior Leaders and Hiring Managers.

Amazon Salary Negotiation Whizz

Get a Better Amazon Job Offer

Have you been offered a job at Amazon? Wondering whether or not to negotiate your offer? Learn how to negotiate your Amazon salary and Total Compensation effectively with Amazon Salary Negotiation Whizz course.

Amazon Salary Negotiation Whizz

Learn How Amazon Sets Salary and Compensation Ranges

Get an insider's understanding of Amazon's compensation model. Learn how Amazon sets pay and Total Compensation ranges. Then use this information to prop up your negotiations.

Learn Who The Real Decision-Makers Are

Amazon's Hiring Managers do not decide on compensation packages, unlike other companies. Learn who the real decision-makers are and what they are about, to increase your offer compensation.

Amazon Salary Negotiation Whizz
Amazon Salary Negotiation Whizz

Handle Negotiations With Full Confidence

Learn strategies to prepare for Amazon salary negotiations and how to best justify your case for a higher offer. Then handle the negotiation logistics like a pro.

Get the Pay You Deserve

Learn how Amazon generates individual offers. This is your chance to learn how to get the salary and Total Compensation you deserve.

Amazon Salary Negotiation Whizz

Purchasing Options

$275 / lifetime
  • In-depth insights from ex-Amazon Senior Leaders on how Amazon sets pay ranges
  • Understanding of Amazon's peculiar offer structure
  • Detailed guidance on how to prepare to justify your case for a higher offer
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to handle the logistics of pay negotiations with Amazon
  • Professional-grade video content
  • Access to invite-only Premium community
  • Access to 1:1 Amazon Interview Coaching (extra charges apply)
  • Lifetime access to the course
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Amazon Interview Whizz Premium
$425 / lifetime
  • Includes Amazon Interview Whizz Complete
  • Extra 6 extra pre-recorded fully deconstructed Amazon interview coaching sessions
  • Amazon Salary Negotiation Whizz Course (a $275 value)
  • 21+ total hours of high-quality content in total
  • Access to Premium community
  • Access to Q&A Events and Replays
  • Access to 1:1 Amazon interview coaching (extra charges apply)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon negotiate job offer compensation?

Absolutely! No matter what salary and total compensation Amazon offers you, Amazon will negotiate in most cases.

How will Amazon Salary Negotiation Whizz help me get a better offer?

The Amazon Salary Negotiation Whizz course will give you an insider's view of how Amazon approaches setting compensation ranges and negotiating with candidates. The course will also give you step-by-step guidance on how to prepare to justify your case for a higher offer.

Is it worth investing $275 in Amazon Salary Negotiation Whizz?

We've helped candidates negotiate TENS of thousands of dollars worth of extra annual compensation. We believe that $275 is anything but a modest investment with an astronomic ROI.

Do I risk Amazon rescinding my offer if I attempt to negotiate?

There are some very specific cases when Amazon has been known to rescind job offers. Amazon Salary Negotiation Whizz will give you insights into what these cases are, and how to negotiate with confidence.

I am hesitant/shy to negotiate. What can I do?

The best thing to do is to understand the world from the Hiring Manager's perspective - once a job offer is made. Amazon Salary Negotiation Whizz will provide you with these insights and will help you approach negotiations with more confidence.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the content?

Unfortunately, we do not issue full or partial refunds. Our experience has shown some people will abuse such a policy. So, If in doubt, check out our live testimonials (below).

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