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Get 1-2-1 support from our elite team of ex-Amazon Hiring Managers, Bar Rasiers and Interviewers to help you take your Amazon interview preparation to the max.

Amazon Interview Coaching by Day One Careers

Amazon Interview Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon Interview Coaching?

Amazon Interview Coaching with Day One Careers is our signature 1-2-1 service that offers unparallel insights about your Amazon behavioural interview readiness and performance.

Who is Amazon Interview Coaching for?

This service will benefit any candidates who are about to interview with Amazon for either technical or non-technical roles.

How does an Amazon Interview Coaching session run?

The sessions run for either 60 or 90 mins, depending on the coach. During the session, we will typically work through your answers to 2-3 behavioural interview questions (depending on the length and format of the session), each based on one Leadership Principle. You can expect around 30 min of feedback per 60-min session or 45 min of feedback per 90 min session.

Do you have any pre-requisites for the session?

Yes. Our Amazon interview coaching services are only available to students who purchased our premium courses (Amazon Interview Whizz or Amazon Interview Whizz Premium, Amazon Interview Whizz Mini or Behavioural Interview Whizz). From our experience, candidates get materially better value from 1-2-1 expertise if they have achieved a solid foundational set of stories before attending.

Are coaching services included in the price of your online courses?

No. All Amazon interview coaching fees are to be paid separately. They are not included and are not packaged with our online courses.

What can I expect to improve after an Amazon Interview Coaching session?

Most candidates leave our sessions with eye-opening insights. You can expect to improve your ability to pick the right examples, your story-telling, narrative brevity (crispness) and the ability to demonstrate business impact. Most importantly, you will improve your interview confidence, which will have a direct positive impact on your interview performance.

How much do Amazon Interview coaching sessions cost?

The current fee for Amazon Interview Coaching sessions is $200 for a 60-min session or $250 for a 90-minute session.

Can I get a recording from the Amazon interview coaching session?

Yes- we provide recordings of your Amazon interview coaching session. This will be deleted after 6 months.

Can you guarantee availability?

Our in-person coaching services are in high demand. While we will do all we can to accommodate most candidates, we cannot guarantee availability.

What is the difference between a 60-minute session and a 90-minute session?

There are no fundamental differences. 90-minute sessions allow coaches to cover more ground - either by asking an extra LP question or by going for more depth.

Do all coaches offer both 60-minute and 90-minute options?

Currently, only Evgeny offers 60-minute sessions. All other coaches only offer 90-minute sessions.

Your Amazon Interview Coaching Team

You are in great hands. Your Amazon interview coaching team has helped hundreds of candidates prepare for their interviews.


Ex-Amazon Bar Raiser and the Original Amazon Interview Whizz. 20+ years experience in leading teams in Big Tech organisations.


Ex-Amazon and ex-Apple Senior Leader and Hiring Manager. 18+ years experience in leading teams in global Fortune 500 businesses, hiring and interviewing.

Executive Coach

Ex-Amazon and ex-Microsoft Senior Leader with over 10 years of experience in Big Tech. Accomplished interview coach offering direct, thoughtful feedback to help you tell your story.

Executive Coach

Ex-Amazon Senior Leader, Hiring Manager and Bar Raiser with 7+ years of experience.

Executive Coach

Ex-Amazon Bar Raiser and Hiring Manager with 10 years of experience in sales roles at Amazon Web Services (AWS). 500+ Amazon candidates interviewed, including 400+ as Bar Raiser.

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