STAR Method Bootcamp

Immersive training that will help you master the STAR interview technique. Designed for Amazon interviews - will work for any business.

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STAR Method Bootcamp by Day One Careers
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Our courses and coaching helped candidates land L4-L7 offers at Amazon.

Amazon Interview Preparation with Day One Careers
Sergio B (L6 Candodate)

"Understating the STAR Method and how to tie your experience to the Amazon LP's is key to passing the loop. Thanks to the coach for the training, the course and the Discord community!"

Amazon Interview Preparation with Day One Careers
Hiral C (L6 Candidate)

"Excellent content! Highly recommended to anyone preparing for interviews at Amazon (and anywhere really). Once you understand Day One Coach's way of breaking down the STAR method you will succeed at refining your answers like never before! Also, you can definitely see the hard work that goes into creating something like this so kudos to you D1C!! "

Amazon Interview Preparation with Day One Careers
Janelle G (L6 Candidate)

"I went into this process completely blind and I had no idea what to expect. I have a retail background so the Tech industry is completely new for me. The insight and guidance provided by these courses was exactly what I needed. This was by far the right choice!!! Thank you to the Day One Team."

You Are In Great Hands

I spent 3 years at Amazon in EU Retail as a Hiring Manager and Interviewer. I interviewed experienced candidates, MBAs, fresh grads and Amazonians looking to move teams. After leaving Amazon, I trained over 200 candidates.

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Landing an offer at Amazon takes talent, a bit of luck and intensive preparation. Don’t delay this important step and start preparing for your Amazon interview now.

Amazon Interview Preparation with Day One Careers
Amazon Interview Preparation with Day One Careers

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STAR Method Bootcamp

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