Master STAR Interview Technique

D1C STAR Master Course by Day One Careers

Half of your success in a behavioural (competency-based) interview depends on how well you can STAR interview technique (method) to answer questions. This training will teach you an effective story-telling framework (D1C STAR Method) that will help you answer behavioural interview questions like a pro. Brought to you by an ex-Amazon Hiring Manager who has helped candidates land L5-L7 roles at Amazon.

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The other half of your interview preparation

I spent over 15 years in Fortune 500 companies (3 years at Amazon) as a Hiring Manager and interviewer. After leaving Amazon, I started helping candidates with behavioural interview skills via one-on-one interview coaching.

Having coached my first 100 clients, I realised that 50% of my feedback was geared towards helping candidates pick the right situations to match Amazon's competencies. The other 50% was to help them structure answers with a STAR interview technique, and do so effectively.

In this training, I will share every insight from my experience as a Fortune 500 Hiring Manager and interviewer, and, lately, a part-time interview coach. You will learn STAR interview technique sharpened to help you clear behavioural interviews with top companies that use it to interview candidates (e.g. Amazon, Google, McKinsey and Walmart).

Learn STAR Interview Technique with Day One Careers

Understand Behavioural Interviewing

See candidate assessment from an employer's perspective.

Learn STAR Interview Technique with Day One Careers

Learn D1C STAR Method

Field-tested framework to help you structure answers to behavioural interview questions.

Learn STAR Interview Technique with Day One Careers

Learn from Examples

Each STAR interview technique section has a live demo to help you connect theory with practice.

Get Closer To The Offer

While no amount of STAR interview technique training alone can guarantee an offer, the right prep routine can help maximise the chances that your talent will stand out. This is why we are proud to say that through our Amazon interview training and coaching we have helped our students land Amazon jobs at L5 - L7. But don't take our word for it. Everyone is contactable via our Discord community, so feel free to join and get in touch.

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Don't leave interview preparation to the last minute. Learn the D1C Method to sharpen your STAR interview technique as early as you can so that you have ample time to practice.

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Key benefits from this course

  • You will understand what role competency-based interviewing plays in assessing candidates like yourself.
  • You will learn D1C STAR Interview Technique (Method) of structuring short stories that are required to answer behavioural interview questions.
  • You will see how theory is applied to practice in live demos for every section of the STAR interview technique training.
  • You will recognise common pitfalls and learn to avoid them.


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