Behavioural Interview Whizz

Learn to answer behavioural interview questions like a pro. Developed by senior ex-Amazon and ex-Apple leaders. Based on 1000s of interviews of candidates from entry to Director level.

Amazon Interview Preparation with Day One Careers

Learn How to Interview At The Top

The world's top technology, consulting and investment banking companies practice behavioural interviewing.

Behavioural Interview Whizz by Day One Careers

Understand Why Behavioural Interviews

Understand why top companies are switching to Behavioural Interviewing and use this knowledge to your advantage.

Demonstrate Unquestionable Impact

Top employers look for candidates who can prove that they produced big impact in their previous roles. We’ll teach you what to focus on and how to to position your impact so your interviewer sees the value you offer to them.

Behavioural Interview Whizz by Day One Careers
Behavioural Interview Whizz by Day One Careers

Signal Your Seniority

Job titles are no longer enough to convince employers that you operate at the level of the role that you are interviewing for. We’ll teach you how to use Seniority Signals to prove that you are worth the level.

Boost Your Stories With Our Enhanced STAR Method

Our proprietary, Amazon-tuned story-telling framework will set your responses apart from the competition. You will stand out no matter which company you are interviewing with.

Behavioural Interview Whizz by Day One Careers

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Invest in developing interviewing skills that will support you for a lifetime.

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