Amazon Interview Coaching With Day One Careers

Our signature service that helped candidates land L5-L7 offers at Amazon. Appointment slots are few and are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Early booking is recommended.

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How Amazon Interview Coaching Works

Amazon Interview Coaching session with Day One Careers combines two main elements:

  1. An on-site loop simulation
  2. In-depth feedback on your performance.

We will work through two Amazon interview questions, each corresponding to one Leadership Principle. We will pick those Leadership Principles that are likely to be part of the "critical" set for the role that you are applying for.

During the simulation part, I will offer you a flavour of what drill-downs and follow-ups you may expect in an actual Amazon interview.

During the feedback part, I will share personalised feedback on your performance with concrete improvement points for you to work on.

We will always brainstorm together to identify ways for you to improve your responses.

The session will run for 60 minutes, and the time will be 100% dedicated to you and your progress. At the end of the session, you will receive a PDF transcript of the feedback.

Testimonials from Discord

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As to feedback on Day One [Interview] coaching and content, 2 words: "ITS AWESOME".


I heard, read and watched several other people who coached online! I will confidently confirm none were as spot on and as real as @dayonecoach.


@dayonecoach,  I utilized all your resources and mocks and I think that was a solid foundation. Received verbal offer.

Get Closer to The Offer

Our Amazon interview coaching sessions helped candidates land L6-L7 offers. We helped secure jobs in Software Development, Design, Finance, Solutions Architecture (AWS) and other functions.

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Amazon Interview Coaching with Day One Careers

Loop Simulation

Get as close as you can to a real interview environment.

Amazon Interview Coaching with Day One Careers

In-Depth Feedback

Personalised, actionable suggestions and ideas that you can work on.

Amazon Interview Coaching with Day One Careers

Expertise You Can Trust

While at Amazon, I interviewed experienced candidates, MBAs, graduates and Amazonians looking to transfer teams.

What You Can Expect From Amazon Interview Coaching

You will improve your ability to pick the right situations to match the Leadership Principle questions.

You will learn to focus on the most important facts that maximise the impact of your situation.

You will improve the structure of your stories and your ability to compress real-life situations into STAR narratives.

You will improve the clarity and brevity of your stories so that they are devoid of redundant details, loops and other unhelpful elements.

Examples of Amazon Interview Coaching Sessions


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