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Our courses and coaching helped candidates land L4-L7 offers at Amazon.

Amazon Interview Preparation with Day One Careers
PVS (L7 Candidate)

"Day One is a must if you're serious about getting the best outcomes. It focuses on what matters most to Amazon - a deep understanding of the LPs and how to communicate effectively. Apart from LPs and STAR, I recommend an hour of coaching as well."

Amazon Interview Preparation with Day One Careers
Saurabh P (L6 Candidate)

"A dive deep into the LPs was excellent. I was curious to know what those LPs actually mean and how to frame my situations accordingly. Would highly recommend to anyone going for Amazon interviews."

Amazon Interview Preparation with Day One Careers
Andrew C (L6 Candidate)

"Going deep into the LPs was awesome. I enjoyed the examples of what is a good STAR story versus what is not a good one. I understood each LP much better after watching the videos."

Amazon Interview Preparation with Day One Careers
Bolande A (L4 Candidate)

"Thank you so much D1coach! I really appreciate the work you put into these courses. It really helped my preparation for the interview and helped me structure my answers in the proper format. I also loved how you explained each Leadership Principles and gave behaviors that relate to it, that helped me in searching for situations that fit each one in my life."

You Are In Great Hands

I spent 3 years at Amazon in EU Retail as a Hiring Manager and Interviewer. I interviewed experienced candidates, MBAs, fresh grads and Amazonians looking to move teams. After leaving Amazon, I trained over 200 candidates.

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Landing an offer at Amazon takes talent, a bit of luck and intensive preparation. Don’t delay this important step and start preparing for your Amazon interview now.

Amazon Interview Preparation with Day One Careers

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