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1. How to answer "Why Amazon" interview questions

If you join Amazon, you will quickly realise that there are no "random" people in that organisation. This is by design. Amazon is a very peculiar business with a culture that is not for everyone. This is why your Amazon interviewers will pay special attention to your motivation to join the business. Canned or generic answers won't cut it.

2. How to answer Amazon interview questions based on Leadership Principles

Your non-technical Amazon interview will be based on Amazon's core competencies called the 14 Leadership Principles. Every interview question will ask you to share a situation from your past experience, which will be evaluated against the bar for every Leadership Principle. You will need to learn Amazon's Leadership Principles by heart and be able to anticipate what behaviours the interviewers are looking for. Then you'll need to learn how to focus their attention on the right details to maximise your interview impact.

3. How to frame your Amazon interview responses with a STAR technique

Every response to the Amazon behavioural interview question should be a story. An effective way to tell a professional story is to frame it win a STAR format. In addition to mastering this interview response technique, you will also need to learn how to focus your stories on the right details and exclude content that does not move you closer to the offer.

4. How to interview better than other candidates in the funnel

You can be sure that Amazon's candidate funnel is over-flowing. Hence, unless you are interviewing for a highly specialised role, it's very likely that you'll be competing with other candidates. Everyone with outstanding experience, credentials and pedigree.

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Amazon Interview Bootcamp

Amazon Interview Bootcamp Has It All

Designed by an ex-Amazon hiring manager and interviewer, Amazon Interview Bootcamp covers all Amazon behavioural interview topics and has everything you need to prepare. It has already helped candidates land L5-L7 offers with Amazon.

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What You Will Learn

You will understand how the Amazon hiring process is structured and what to expect at every stage.

You will learn how to answer "Why Amazon" motivation questions in a way that actually works (there are plenty of ways that do not).

You will learn Amazon-speak and understand the most important quirks and peculiarities of the business.

You will learn how to pick and calibrate your situations to fit Amazon's 14 Leadership Principles.

You will learn how to compress real-life situations into stories using STAR technique.

Key Features

Amazon Interview Bootcamp by Day One Careers

9 hours of content

Every topic is covered in great detail.

Amazon Interview Bootcamp by Day One Careers

Example Answers

Listen to demo answers to have a clear benchmark.

Amazon Interview Bootcamp by Day One Careers

Unique insights

Learn from an ex-Amazonian and a Hiring Manager who knows the nuances.

Amazon Interview Bootcamp by Day One Careers

FREE Trial Guarantee

All courses are backed by 3-day FREE Trial guarantee.

You Are In Good Hands

I spent 3 years at Amazon in EU Retail as a Hiring Manager and Interviewer. I interviewed experienced candidates, MBAs, fresh grads and Amazonians looking to move teams. After leaving Amazon, I trained over 100 candidates.


Join Over 300 Students

Day One Careers has over 300 members who have used our courses and coaching to get closer to their Amazon offer. We have helped Software Developers, Marketing Managers, Product Managers, UX Designers, Solutions Architects, Finance Managers, Operations Managers and AWS Industry Consulting Managers prepare for Amazon interviews.

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Answer Amazon interview questions based on Leadership Principles with Amazon Interview Bootcamp


(The course has) been huge in helping me understand the LPs better. Your Bootcamp helped me go AHHHH now I get it and then went into my resume to pull out stories.

Amazon Interview Bootcamp with Day One Careers


I am super thankful to this community and coach @dayonecoach for some great content. I did take both of day1 courses and I believe they helped me to frame my stories in a better way and I was more structured this time around.

Answer Amazon interview questions based on Leadership Principles with Amazon Interview Bootcamp


I LOVED your course. I have watched a lot of YouTube videos, read more Blind posts than could possibly be healthy, and read a lot of other internet materials before going through your bootcamp. Nothing compares to what you have.

How Much is Amazon Interview Bootcamp?

I charge all my coaching clients $200/hr to assess their level of preparation, offer in-depth feedback and share my top insights as an ex-Amazon Hiring Manager. Amazon Interview Bootcamp offers you an equivalent of 9 coaching sessions ($1800 total value).

Even if I priced Amazon Interview Bootcamp at $1800 and helped you land a job with Amazon, your Total Compensation during the first year alone would likely deliver at least 500% ROI on this investment.

Amazon Interview Bootcamp is yours for $100

3-Day FREE Trial Guarantee

I am 100% certain that my Amazon Interview courses will help you get closer to your Amazon offer. This is why I've made your purchase totally risk-free. All courses now come with a 3-day FREE Trial Guarantee. If you don't think they are worth the investment, you can cancel within 3 days from purchase and you won't be charged.

Purchasing Options

Amazon Interview Bootcamp



  • Lifetime access to Amazon Interview Bootcamp
  • 9 hours of video content
  • Example interview responses
  • Motivation, Leadership Principles and STAR Interview Technique covered
  • Learn from an ex-Amazon Hiring Manager and Interviewer
  • 3-day FREE Trial Guarantee

Course Combo



  • Amazon Interview Bootcamp
  • PLUS: 30% OFF STAR Interview Technique Bootcamp (LEARN MORE)
  • 2 hours of additional content
  • My proprietary Amazon-tested version of the STAR framework
  • Hiring Manager's tips on how to improve effectiveness of STAR responses
  • Additional STAR demo response
  • 3-day FREE Trial Guarantee

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