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Personalized Approach

In-depth research to understand your unique set of qualifications and skills.


Job Tailored Resume

Amazon friendly resume customized to fit the positions you are interested in.


Professional Design

Modern, attractive, accomplishment-based resume that tells your career story.


What is an "Amazon-Friendly" resume?

Most job applications won't result in an Amazon interview (read this blog post about Amazon interview process). An "Amazon-friendly" resume is one that maximizes the chances that Amazon recruiters will shortlist your profile and pass it on to the Hiring Manager. Having interviewed at Amazon for over three years, I know what hiring managers want to see, and more importantly – what they don't.

Is there a magic formula that guarantees shortlisting?

No. If anyone claims that they found one, don't believe them. Every role is unique, and every hiring context is peculiar. Therefore, you should tailor your resume to the application.

How should you optimize your resume?

It would be best to optimize your resume for a human review by Amazon recruiters and Hiring Managers. Failing to do so means that sometimes even the most qualified candidates won't have their profiles passed on to the next stage of Amazon interview process - the Phone Screen. Apart from the fundamentals like proper grammar, formatting and consistency, these are some of the things to consider when writing an Amazon-friendly resume:

  • Your resume must be concise and tailored to the position for which you are applying. The objective is to reduce the amount of time a recruiter or hiring manager will spend reviewing your profile before determining a fit.
  • Don't be tempted by the fancy modern designs full of infographics, imagery and crazy fonts selection. Still, they add no value to the Amazon interview process if all they do is complicate and slow down the recruiter's scanning process.
  • Your responsibilities and achievements are the most critical part that should quickly convey the value you brought to your employers and indicate that you can do it again for Amazon. It is the promise of value that gets you the interview.
  • You should strive to accompany your experience and achievements by measurable results in quantifiable terms where appropriate and possible.
  • Remember that you must support any claim or accomplishment you put in your resume during the interview. It is ok to present them in the best light possible but don't do it to a point where you are lying as it might quickly disqualify you during the interview
  • Forget templates or any general subjective statements that add no value and cannot be measured (e.g. the infamous "objective statement" or phrases like "fast learner", "hard-working", or "team player.")
  • State your desired title in your resume. This technique will further customize your resume for the role and reduce the amount of time a recruiter will spend to identify who you are and what you can do. Your resume title does not necessarily have to match your last position. If you have the required skills and experience, you can put what you want to be in the future as your title, as opposed to the position you are currently holding. This alone is all the "objective statement" you need.
  • Resist the urge to put "hobbies" or other sections irrelevant to the position, especially if pressed for space. Some might argue that it adds an interpersonal element and gives a glimpse of one's personality. Yet, as an Amazon hiring manager, I have never looked at a candidate's hobbies and interests. You will have plenty of opportunities to demonstrate your interpersonal skills later on in the interview process, once shortlisted.
  • Start your experience bullet points with strong action verbs in the past tense for former positions and present tense for your current position. Be consistent.
  • If you are a recent graduate without much work experience, focus on project work, part-time jobs, side gigs and other extracurricular activities. Don't overindulge in classwork.

How can Day One Careers help?

As someone who has been on both sides of the Amazon hiring process, I have reviewed countless resumes. I have enlisted the help of a senior Tech Marketing leader (15 years experience in Global Marketing Strategy and demand generation) and a Hiring Manager to re-design your resume. Having worked with people from very diverse backgrounds, she built marketing teams from the ground up worldwide, which included identifying, screening, interviewing, recruiting, managing and retaining talent. Our joint experience as hiring managers covers reviewing several thousand job applications and brings the best, most practical and relevant suggestions to your resume. Each candidate and each resume will receive a personalized approach, and we will work together until you are satisfied.


What You Will Get

  • Current resume review followed by a consultation via email or chat during which we will discuss your objectives, strengths, skills and accomplishments
  • Several PDF versions of your final resume draft with different job titles, with and without photo
  • Attractive design and creative consistency
  • MS Word version of your resume for you to edit in the future if you wish to do so

What We Will Need

  • Your current resume draft
  • Desired job description and/or specific job postings of interest
  • Your high quality professional photo
  • Past cover letters for jobs previously applied to, if available
  • Answers to questions asked during the review process
  • Quick summary of your skills and key accomplishments (optional)

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